This site, acquired in August of 2008, opened to the public in June of 2009.  A parking lot, with picnic bench and grill, is located at 10855 Sapp Road Howard 43028. Download Park Brochure

The park was named Indianfield Bluffs because the site contains the confluence of Indianfield Run with the Kokosing State Scenic River.  A high bluff on the property renders awesome views of the Kokosing River, particularly during the late fall through early spring when the deciduous woods are leafless. The 25.5-acre site contains sandstone bluffs, floodplains, wetlands and an island. Reforestation efforts on the site have been completed in former cropland areas, with thousands of trees planted by Park District staff and East Knox High School students.

A 1.5 mile, double loop trail of steep gradients and switchbacks is available for hiking. Towering sycamores, testament to days gone by, will greet the hiker on the westernmost loop.  Read an article regarding the site, courtesy of the Mount Vernon News.

In the History of Knox County, Ohio: Its Past and Present (1881), the following passage is found regarding Indianfield Run (and our park):

“At the mouth of this stream the Indians had cleared a large amount of land, on which they raised much corn, and the stream was so named from this fact.”

The acquisition was made possible through a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission and Ohio Division of Wildlife and willing sellers, Roger and Kathy Sherman. The acquisition protects nearly 500 lineal feet of Indianfield Run, 1,156 lineal feet of the Kokosing River oxbow and 3,186.6 lineal feet of the Kokosing State Scenic River mainstem. The state-endangered Eastern hellbender has been found in close proximity to the site, and a pair of bald eagles nests about a half-mile upstream of the site.

The island within the park is named “Cedar Waxwing Island,” since these beautiful birds inhabit the island and the riverine environs.

Archers, by permit-only, assist the Park District with our deer management program, during Ohio’s white-tailed deer archery season. Archery participants pursue their sport at Indianfield Bluffs throughout the week (including weekends) during archery season which typically runs from the end of September through the beginning of February. Gun hunting is prohibited at the park.