Marcia Crim is a life-long resident of Knox County and has volunteered for the Park District for six years. Marcia feels her greatest accomplishment as a volunteer is seeing the difference in the appearance of the Woodlands Trail at the Wolf Run Park.  Marcia and other volunteers remove invasive garlic mustard and multi-flora rose around the ferns and other native plants along the trail. She shared Wolf Run is her favorite Park, “the trails in the woods are always enjoyable to walk every season of the year. When blooming, the flowers in Marshall Meadows are beautiful. I like watching the fish in the pond and listening to the frogs. When the grasses in the field along Yauger road become so high that I cannot see over them, it is calm and peaceful as if I have the park to myself. Marcia feels the parks need good signage and continue to replace and maintain bridges, picnic tables, equipment and buildings.


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