site 18 -hellbender preserve
designed by maggie light 

The Treehouse

This fairy family came upon this tree, that needed a little TLC, during their travels to Howard, OH. Some might see a dead tree, but they saw potential. They put a lot of hard work into making it a place to call home. Daddy fairy is a carpenter fairy. His job is to build homes and fix things along the fairy trail. Mommy fairy is a teacher fairy. She teaches all the fairy children on the trail. Sister fairy is a weather fairy. She helps control the weather. (She’s still learning). The sister fairy loves to gaze up at the sky, you might even catch her! (If you see a fairy, they freeze!) Baby fairy is an animal fairy, she can speak to animals. Since baby fairy can’t talk yet, the animals can sense her needs. Baby fairy loves to be rocked to sleep every night. This fairy family has 2 pet birds, that protect the baby fairy, and 1 pet hedgehog that likes to get himself into trouble. This design is in honor of Kathy McGuire (1959-2020)