Welcome to your State Scenic Rivers Geotrail

Name and Geocaching Name
Mailing Address
Forested river corridors provide?

The Kokosing River forms with the Mohican River to form the?

What is the name of a small veterans group who supports river cleanups?

What does the word Kokosing Mean?

What is a shallower fast-moving areas in the water where rocks break the water surface?

When approaching a low-head dam, you should?

The Kokosing and Mohican Rivers were designated scenic rivers by?

What is the name of the state endangered salamander native to Ohio?

What is considered a safe water flow reading on the river in cubic feet per second according to the USGS?

The Kokosing Became Ohio's ____ State Scenic River?

What does SQM stand for?

What is the significance of June 4, 2005?

The ACT NOW Signage educates people on?

What is a macroinvertebrate?

Who are the sponsors providing funding for the trail and geocoin?


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