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Who was the founder of Kenyon College?


What does the C.A. & C. stand for?


What is the Geographical Center of Ohio?


Who was the 44th Governor of Ohio who campaigned on the CA&C Railroad?


What trail town was known for its lofty elevation?


What was unique on the Chesapeake and Ohio Caboose?


Who was Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War that graduated from Kenyon College?


What is the home to Kenyon College?


What part of the trail is Howard located?


What is the name of the River that many of the railroad bridges span?


What is the name of the Holstein Cow on top of Round Hill Dairy?


What town is the Stone Arch located on the Kokosing Gap Trail?


How many people died in or near Brinkhaven from the flood of 1913?


Where does the Bridge of Dreams rank as longest in the state?


Where was Stuart Pierson's dad traveling from to see Stuart inducted to the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity?


25 Responses

  1. GREAT Quiz!!!
    Best Geo-trail I have done!!
    Thanks for all the work in putting this together.
    You have done a super job!!!!

  2. We finally were able to complete this treasure hunt . Got 100 on the questions .. hope I filled it out correctly and didn’t miss any steps . Please let me know if there are any complications. We had a blast and plan on taking advantage of our coupons

  3. We made a morning of it and did the whole trail. Saw a lot of interesting things. My wife liked the stone bridge. I enjoyed the train. Thanks for a great geotrail.

    • Thank you so for your comment! We love to hear how people are enjoying our GeoTrail and glad you paid us a visit from up North. Let us know if we can promote your blog as well. We would love for a shout-out on your adventure and if you took any photos we would love to share those as well. The GeoCoin will be mailed today! Thanks again.

  4. Our visit to Knox County was so much fun! We learned a lot about the history of the area, and enjoyed our walks along the trails.

    Thank you for putting this together for our enjoyment. I’m sure many of our friends will be coming to visit from northeast Ohio!

  5. Great Geotrail. Drove from Akron to the trail and was super impressed. I really enjoyed reading about the Knox County history. I had never explored Knox County before and this was almost like having a personal tour guide taking me to the best sites. Thank you for all the hard work you put into to making the geotrail.

  6. Really enjoyed riding bicycle and geocaching on these amazing multi-use trails. Thanks for a fun and interesting Geo Trail .

  7. Thanks for a great Geocaching Trail. Without Bikes its a long walk. We are from Oregon Ohio (near Toledo) and don’t have bikes so we walked most of the trail. Was very difficult was fun. Thanks again!!!

  8. Creating this trail obviously took a lot of research and dedication! We loved being able to share the history with our son 🙂

  9. Great job on taking us around this nice. County I never knew there was so much so close to home that we did not know about. Great trails well maintained. Nice job on this series. Thanks

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed this KCPD Geo Trail 2020. I learned lots about the county that I would not have learned otherwise. I look forward to visiting again. In fact, I am leaving my home in an hour to come caching in Knox Co. today (9/17/20).

  11. Visited from mid-Michigan (with 2 friends) just to do the geotrail. Awesome area and glad we came. Will definitely recommend this trail to our friends! Thabks so much for all of your time, effort and expense in setting up and maintaining these cachea. Your work did not go unnoticed. Happy trails!!

  12. It rained the entire day while doing this trail but since we came from 2 hours away we weren’t going to let a little rain stop us! We thoroughly enjoyed the history and hiking during this adventure. This was a very well laid out trail and we thank you for all your hard work!
    Tom and Anna Mary

  13. Very interesting trail.

    A few friends and I made the trip over from the Findlay area to find the caches.

    Thanks for creating and maintaining the trail.

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