Park District Volunteers play a vital role in assisting with various park programs and providing labor in beatifying and maintaining our parks and trails within Knox County.  We would not be successful with our park district objectives if we didn’t have volunteers.  There are a variety of roles a park volunteer can assist with such as;

  • Maintenance – If you are handy with tools or a paintbrush, there are always areas within the park systems that can use some extra care in order to maintain our structures and equipment. Other tasks might include litter clean-up and repair of signs or kiosks.
  • Landscaping/Gardening – All of our park district grounds include signage at each location. During the spring/summer often times flowers are planted and maintained throughout the growing season
  • Pruning/Trimming – Our three trail systems consisting of the Kokosing Gap Trail, the Heart of Ohio Trail and the Mohican Valley Trail as well as our parks  occasionally need attention to cutting limbs through the spring/fall seasons and removing invasive plant species  or vegetation and erosion control.
  • Programming – If you like to initiate new ideas and promote exciting programs to the public, volunteers can assist  leading small group activities. Topics can include a variety of nature areas of interest from birding to wildlife and wildflowers.  The Park District is involved with Project Feeder Watch with Cornell University.  Park District volunteers monitor bird feeding areas established at the Wolf Run House and count birds on a monthly basis and report their findings.
  • Special Events – Help is always needed during an event hosted by the Park District. Volunteers can assist in the set-up, guest assistance, table/booth registration, parking or clean-up.
  • Naturalist/Science – No scientific qualifications are necessary, just a genuine interest in environmental issues.  The Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist  Program is a researched based program from The Ohio State University. The program emphasizes hands-on natural resource and environmental education coupled with volunteer service. Participants in the OCVN program receive 40 hours of combined classroom and field instruction. Upon completing the OCVN course, participants provide 40 hours of volunteer service at any Ohio organization with a compatible program mission.  To become a Certified Volunteer Naturalist a participant must have completed a OCVN course which are offered throughout the state.  For more information on the program visit

To volunteer for any of the Park District programs please contact us at 740-392-PARKS. Volunteers are greatly appreciated!!