Saffron’s Cottage 

When he first came upon the abandoned place, the Long Winter had just ended and the first signs of Spring were popping up. Animals of all varieties were out and about again. The birds were singing again and the insects were emerging from their long sleep. It was the perfect time to venture out and find a new home – all the other fairies were doing the same. 

It wasn’t the biggest of cottages, but it was enough for Saffron. The cottage had needed some serious work over the past few weeks. Saffron had to forage for new moss to fix the roof; find new stones to replace the frozen mud at the entrance. He even needed to trim up the purple deadnettle that had decided to take root on the roof. It was tiring work for a fairy of his size.  

Saffron was also told he was the smallest fairy his ward had ever watched over. He was nearly a head shorter than his companions and had to work twice as hard to get things to work. But his powers all but made up for his size. You see, Saffron was blessed with Dendrokinesis – or the ability to manipulate wood. This allowed him to easily build new structures and fix old, broken places.  

Why didn’t he just build a new place to live then? Because Saffron adores fixing up old things, making use out of forgotten items. And the forgotten cottage in a forgotten area of the forest was the perfect place for Saffron to start the next step in his life. This cottage would be home to him and his future wards once the king dubbed him eligible for them. He would take his wards and teach them about what it means to be a fairy, how to utilize their powers.