hellbender preserve site #27
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Fig Manor 

Welcome to Fig manor. Home to the Fig Family. The Fig family is a family of wish fairies. Wish fairies are extra special fairies that grant wishes. The Fairy Godmother from the Cinderella story is a very famous wish fairy. The Fig family consists of Father fairy, Keenan, Mother fairy, Holly, and their four children, Aria, Mila, Willow, and Jayy. They live inside of the tree. Fayelynn Fig is the family’s matriarch. Grandma fairy, Fayelynn, lives in the tree stump house at the side of the tree. The fairy kids love to play on the swings and the slide when they are not learning how to grant wishes. Every school day, they practice at the wishing well because everyone knows wishing wells are magical. So be sure to whisper a wish when you visit Fig manor. You will be helping the kid fairies learn to grant wishes. The most fantastic magical things can happen, and it all begins with a wish. Have a magical day.