Welcome to Wolf Run Regional Park! We hope you enjoyed finding our geocache. If you have not printed our Geocache form, you will want to do that now, click GeoTrailForm The form will include the GC Codes of the (2) caches as well as a space to unscramble a code word spelled backwards on this page. This code word is a feature to Wolf Run Park. Once you locate the cache and log it on the log sheet and geocaching.com, complete the form and email or mail in your answers. If correct, you will receive our  Geotoken (quantities are limited).

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Wolf Run Regional Park consists of almost 260 acres of rolling topography and contiguous open space featuring nearly ten miles of hiking trails, woodlands, a pond and other natural features. Over the years, Rotary Club of Mount Vernon has partnered with the Park District on funding the construction of a fishing pier at the Park Pond and funded the construction of an additional shelter located within the Bark Park.

A nearly two-acre “bark park,” is a fenced area for dogs to run off their leash. The area is next to the Park parking Lot. Please read the bark park rules before entering the bark park.  “Jades Place”,  a doggie agility playground, was constructed with the generous help of volunteers, local businesses and a local scout troop.

A small kids bouldering area is featured to boost creativity, problem-solving and agility. Kiwanis, Rotary and the Richard and Arline Landers Foundation provided monies to assist with this project. Recently a geocache was placed in the park as a part of the Knox County Park District Geo Trail.

Wolf Run serves as a convenient place to relax and take in the beauty of the Kokosing River valley. Of note is the 30- acre Knox Woods State Nature Preserve, contained within the park’s boundary.

The state endangered Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, a small rekcepdoow, utilizes wooded habitat in the park for foraging and shelter. Granite boulders carried by Ohio’s last ice age 100,000 years ago dot the landscape. Small streams that comprise the headwaters of Wolf Run, which flows to the Kokosing River, grace the landscape with soothing sounds of cascading water.

Archers, by permit-only, assist the Park District with our deer management program, during Ohio’s white-tailed deer archery season. Archery participants pursue their sport at Wolf Run Regional Park throughout the week (including weekends) during archery season which typically runs from the end of September through the beginning of February. Gun hunting is prohibited at the park.

Over the years, the Knox County Park District has worked with numerous boy scouts on community service projects to earn their Eagle Scout honor. The Wolf Run Park has had seen numerous improvements to the park from the service of our scouts.  We thank each one of them for their dedication to our park systems.  We invite you  to come and visit Wolf Run Regional Park to hike, fish and observe nature.