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Explore the Kokosing River 
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Much of the Kokosing River watershed is a formation of the remains of the Wisconsin Glacier nearly 20,000 years ago. As much of the area was trapped under the ice, the remains of the area were quite different as the ice melted. The water cut new river valleys and many boulders and rock were deposited along the river. The current sandstone that exists today is an amazing sight to see through the river corridor. 

The Kokosing River Watershed covers 57 miles through 482 square miles. The river and its tributaries originate in Morrow and Richland County and flow south and east through Knox County. You will pass through Mount Vernon, Gambier, Howard, and Millwood before crossing east into Coshocton County where it joins the Mohican River to form the Kokosing.

This site is located at the foothills of Kenyon College and Gambier. Kenyon was founded in 1824 by Bishop Philander Chase. This area is adjacent to the college’s Brown Family Environmental Center (BFEC). The Brown Family Environmental Center is a 461-acre natural studies area with a nature center and butterfly garden. The BFEC has a mini geotrail which can also be found along the river’s corridor. You might pick up the “All Aboard Kenyon College” geocache as well as the mini geotrail placed by the Kenyon College Brown Family Environmental Center. 

Notice the onion bag dispenser? We will share that program with you as you will discover one at Greer Landing.  Take a selfie at the River Access Sign for a free backpack! Email us your photo or use the #hastag below on social media posts. 

What safety tip does Koko the Owl have for you? He wants you to remain safe on the river and has (5) safety tips to practice. Click the link to learn how Koko stays safe! 

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Take a selfie at the River Access sign 


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