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Geocache #1 Make a splash!

Welcome to the Kokosing River
Launch at Memorial Park

The Kokosing River was designated as a state scenic river in 1997. The extensive floodplains, wooded corridors, and rural landscape have helped maintain the Kokosing’s purity and high- quality natural state. As you paddle or walk to locate the geocaches on our trail, please scan and read the content within the QR codes. It is our mission to educate you on the importance of water quality within a watershed and explain what contributes to its health. 

The river below this access site wanders through the Kokosing Gap, created during the last glacial period. The Gap starts below the Kokosing Gap trail bridge (an old railroad bridge 1.5 miles downstream). Deer and turkey are often seen in this area along with a wide variety of birds including bald eagles. Fish common to the area are Common Carp, Creek Chubs, Bluegill, and Largemouth Bass (pictured in the center photo below).

This site is a common location for Stream Quality Monitoring (SQM) due to many riffle areas in the water. Riffles are known as shallower fast-moving areas where rocks break the water surface. These areas are important for fish habitat as they create an abundance of oxygen. Many macroinvertebrates (species without a backbone and large enough to see with the naked eye) such as crayfish and mayflies are found here during an SQM.

Stream Quality Monitoring is a biological monitoring program through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Assessments of the water quality are determined by the diversity of macroinvertebrates collected during this process. Pictured bottom left is a Crayfish, these macroinvertebrates are classified as a “level 2” organism while a Mayfly is considered a “level 1” organism. We will discuss these classifications as we travel from geocache to geocache. 

This section of the river is an area that the Knox County Park District volunteers to clean during the River Rally held in September. This event is sponsored through Knox County Recycling and Litter Prevention. Cleanup of the river is very important in maintaining a healthy watershed. 

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