Welcome to the Thayer Ridge Park, located at 7077 Thayer Road, Mount Vernon. We hope you enjoyed finding the Thayer Ridge geocache and will continue to complete our GeoTrail within our other park systems. If you have not printed our Geocache form, you will want to do that now, click GeoTrailForm The form will include the coordinates of each park cache as well as a space to unscramble a code word spelled backwards together on this page. This code word is a feature of Thayer Ridge Park. If you are one of the first 100 to complete the GeoTrail and this form you will receive the Knox County Park District’s Geotoken, a rare treasure!

This 70-acre site located at 7077 Thayer Road, Mount Vernon 43050, is leased from the Knox County Commissioners. Originally planned as an expansion area of the now-closed county landfill, this site abounds with wildlife and has wet woodlands.  A lanrev pool is located at certain times of the year. These pools are huge puddles that form in low areas in some woodlands. Typically they fill with water in the spring and by late summer they dry out. Fish are unable to live in these pools, but they are important to other creatures and plant life. For example amphibians can lay their eggs in these pools without taking the risk of fish eating their offspring. The park also is known for sightings of the Cardinal flower, which can be seen blooming in August.

The park also features a nine-hole disc golf course which was installed in 2010 with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Mount Vernon and Knox County and Rotary District International.   You can find park information at the kiosk located in the parking lot and a pergola structure and picnic table is available for use.

In addition to hiking, the trails are available for riding horses and/or mountain bikes. This park serves as the first park managed by the Park District to offer bridle and mountain bike access.  While hikers and walkers are welcomed to use the trail system, please be aware that muddy or rutted trail conditions and horse manure can be expected to be encountered.  The Knox County Park District is fortunate to have assistance from the Ohio Horseman’s Council, Knox County Chapter to help with the maintenance of the Thayer Ridge Park trails.  These groups have been involved with the design and completion of a perimeter loop trail for the horse-back riding community.  The loop trail traverses a bridge which overlooks the Heart of Ohio Trail.   A larger parking lot was recently constructed adding additional parking conducive for multiple horse trailers and rigs.  This lot is encountered before arriving at the traditional main entrance to Thayer Ridge Park and has a locked gate.  At the present time this lot will be scheduled to be used for special events only .

Please observe the following trail courtesy:

  • Mountain bikers yield to horse riders & hikers.
  • Hikers yield to horse riders.
  • Horse riders please control your horse.

Equestrians with horse trailers drive past the traditional park entrance to the next entrance. A horse trailer parking lot (recently expanded in 2015) is found south of the traditional parking lot.  A hitching post is installed near the horse trailer parking lot. Equestrians must bring food and water for their horses and must clean up after their horses in the parking area.

Archers, by permit-only, assist the Park District with our deer management program, during Ohio’s white-tailed deer archery season. Archery participants pursue their sport at Thayer Ridge Park throughout the week (including weekends) during archery season which typically runs from the end of September through the beginning of February. Gun hunting is prohibited at the park.