Kokosing River at Riley Chapel Road

Welcome to the Riley Chapel river access point on the Kokosing River. As you traveled to get to this location, you entered the low lying floodplain area of the Kokosing River watershed. You can view Bat Nest Park off in the distance as the Bat Box towers the area. 

This spot is a very good location for fishing both upstream and downstream of the area. Bald eagles are frequently seen as well as many other birds. There are over 90 + species of birds that have been sighted along the river corridor. 

In this area the river runs through a very broad valley, flanked by forested hills much like Zuck Riparian Preserve. State Route 715 parallels the left side of the river and the Knox/Coshocton county line is about one mile downstream of the access. In 2.6 miles the water trail ends at the confluence of the Kokosing and Mohican Rivers to form the Walhonding River. Many local call it “tri-rivers” as three rivers come together to form one. From here the Walhonding River empties into the Muskingum River which empties into the Ohio River and then on to the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico! That is a lot of traveling!