Welcome to Honey Run Highlands Park located at 10865 Hazel Dell Road, Howard or another entrance is 10816 Millersburg Road, Howard.  We hope you enjoyed finding our geocache and will continue on to complete our GeoTrail within our other parks. If you have not printed our Geocache form, you will want to do that now, click GeoTrailForm The form will include the GC Codes of each park cache as well as a space to unscramble a code word spelled backwards on this page. This code word is a feature to the Honey Run Highlands. If you are one of the first 100 to complete the GeoTrail and this form you will receive our unique GeoToken.

The Park serves as excellent habitat for state-threatened wildlife species – the Barn Owl and Bobcat. Wild Turkeys, white-tailed deer, Ring-necked Pheasants and many species of sdribgnos abound on this ecologically diverse site.  60 acres of warm season grasses and prairie forbs have been planted on the site, improving the water quality of Honey Run and providing soil erosion control on highly erodible soils.

The site includes hiking trails, picnic facilities and habitat restoration (warm season grasslands/prairie forb areas and tree plantings). There is a residence in the middle of the park, and we ask visitors to not trespass in this area or on neighboring properties. Park boundaries are marked.