Honey Run Waterfall

Ecosystem Restoration Area 

 ~Park Volunteers, Friends of the Woods volunteer group have been removing invasive plant species (for example, garlic mustard, multiflora rose, poison hemlock and barberry) throughout the Knox County Park District including here at the Waterfall.

~Invasive plants make it very difficult for native plants to flourish. Honey Run Waterfall is a fragile ecosystem (a community of plants and animals) and requires careful stewardship. 

~Our goal for this work is to allow space for native plants to continue to thrive at this park location. 

What can YOU do to support the Restoration?

~Stay on the designated trails and avoid cutting through the woodland areas.

~Enjoy the native plants when you walk the trails in the spring: jack in the pulpit, trout lily, bloodroot, cut-leaved toothwort, trillium, Dutchman’s breeches, hepatica, wild ginger and dame’s rocket and those in the summer and fall: jewel weed snake root and asters.

~Volunteer with the Friends of the Woods