hellbender preserve site #1
designed by Colton, easton & mason farr

Creekside Critter Cottage 

The critters of Hellbender preserve have found the perfect place to relax and play at the Creekside Critter Cottage. For those looking for time in the sun while taking a soak in some creek water, the Cottage features two lazy ponds (where Mrs. Frog and Mr. Turtle love to soak their cares away). If taking a cool dip in the pool is not what you’re looking for, you can spend some time in the shade of the mushroom-top cottage, where Teri Fairy loves to sing some tunes with Little Blue Bird. Mary Fairy, prefers to spend her time finding special rocks on the porch garden while tending the bushes and flowers. For every creature, big or small, there’s a place to have fun and recoup at the Creekside Critter Cottage.