join us on a virtual hike in the parks
Enjoy our Parks while you search for Pumpkins!

During the month of October, the Knox County Park District will feature a virtual version of Pumpkins in the Park. This activity will challenge you to locate the pumpkins in each park and scan the QR code attached to each. As you scan the QR code, a alphabetical letter will be revealed. Download and print the form below to view the parks where a pumpkin is hidden. Pumpkins are on a laminated sheet and are hidden on kiosks or structures such as a park bench, sign or shelter area. The Wolf Run pumpkin is hidden in the Natural Kids Play Area. Park addresses can be located on our website. Next, record your “letter finds” at each park and write them each phone screen on the form pertaining to that park to help you to unscramble the word. Once you have completed the form, sign in as you scan the QR code on the form and then visit our friends at Almost Famous Sweet and Soda Shop at 46 Public Square in Mount Vernon and provide to them the mystery word, in return they have something special for YOU!