Mohican Valley Bike Trail

The Mohican Valley Trail consists of a 4.5 mile trail through the spectacular Mohican River valley. The trail links the Kokosing Gap Trail with the soon-to-be completed Holmes County Trail. Visit the 370-foot long “Bridge of Dreams” while traveling on this trail. The parking lot for the Bridge of Dreams is located at 16606 Hunter Road in Brinkhaven 43006.  Download a trail guide and map.   A short video (2 mb) shows the construction of this remarkable bridge, the second longest covered bridge in Ohio, the third longest in the United States.

Users of the Mohican Valley Trail can continue riding west, past Danville, on the Kokosing Gap Trail.  Horses are not allowed on the Kokosing Gap Trail, however. View a map that gives directions between the Mohican Valley and Kokosing Gap Trails in Danville. Users with horse trailers can park at Danville locations (43014) at:  402 East St., 27825 Buckeye Rd., or 15700 Tiger Valley Rd. or at the Bridge of Dreams parking lot located at 16606 Hunter Rd. Binkhaven 43006.

We encourage mountain bicyclists, Amish buggy users and horse riders to utilize this terrific and picturesque resource.  The trail surface consists of chipped and sealed pavement.

While enjoying the solitude of this rustic trail, listen for the songs of Indigo Buntings, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Baltimore Orioles, Eastern Towhees and Great-crested Flycatchers.  Spring wildflowers adorn portions of the trail, including large-flowered trillium and wild sweet William (wild blue phlox).

Visitors to the Bridge of Dreams will sense the rich history of the area, particularly the relics left behind by the Pennsylvania Railroad. The horse hitching posts at the Bridge of Dreams are constructed out of original metal pipe used on the railroad. The steel beams that form the structure for the Bridge of Dreams were erected in 1944. This portion of the Pennsylvania Railroad closed after the 1959 flood washed out track and bridges to the east.